Bonnie Simonato's Latest Book


What people are saying about Bonnie E. Simonato and her NEW Top Ten JOY Journal:

Bonnie Simonato, Canada’s premier JOYologist, has compiled her third Treasure Chest of Jems For Your Self-Discovery, simple yet profound lessons from the heart gleaned from her own life. The inspiration and advice found in this book will empower each of us to create more JOY in our daily living.

Bonnie merges ancient wisdom from wise sages with her own unique blend of insights about the human experience. This book will inspire you to rekindle the genuine warmth in your friendships, your marriage, your family, and in your relationships at work. It will provide the reader with a practical and empowering road map through change and transition to a new level of JOYful living.

"Following a rare bone transplant and 30 months confined to a hospital bed at home, a JOYologist emerged from Bonnie Simonato’s soul.  The authentic insights Bonnie presents in her motivational seminars keep audiences laughing and learning.  Audiences feel re-energized following one of her presentations. Bonnie’s new JOY Journal is, indeed, A Treasure Box of essential tools for achieving more JOY at home and at work."

~ Carol and Ralph Gorgi
J.D. Masonry

"Bonnie is a special woman, admired, respected and loved, who encourages all of us to spread more JOY in the world as she does everywhere she goes. People always feel re-energized and rejuvenated after attending one of her motivational seminars. Her latest JOY Journal is an exceptional guide, in which she graciously shares her wisdom and wit, to assist all of us to reintegrate
‘a spirit of JOYfulness’ in all our daily activities."

~ Liz Winer,
Purchasing Agent, Stockade Wood & Craft Supply

"Once again, Bonnie has come through. In this volume of collected wisdom we have yet another avenue to help us live more consciously. All too often the hustle and bustle of our modern society drags us down. Without taking a few moments to reflect, we remain lost.  Swirling about in the confusion and chaos that surrounds us, we are often unsure of where we are going or even why we may be heading that way. This book, and the exercises it contains, can begin to help clear a path
out of the fog and confusion for all of us."

~ J. Bruce Walton, BSc., DC.
Chiropractor, Private Practice

"Let’s face it. Life can be full of challenging experiences. But was it intended to be like that? Bonnie’s newest JOY Journal will help us all to move from frustrating complexity to fulfilling simplicity."

~ Sam Hamze
Salon Gii

"Bonnie’s remarkable ability to remain positive and JOYful throughout life’s difficult journey has allowed her to create an inspiring JOY Journal full of ideas to help myself and others create an improved quality of life."

~ Doreen Blumenthal,
Registered Nurse

"Bonnie’s motivational seminars are nothing short of electric. Having attended many of them myself, I always have been amazed at how her positive energy flows through to each and every person in attendance.  She is a vibrant storyteller and an expert at getting people to lighten up and to laugh as they learn her strategies for choosing to become more JOYful. Thank you, Bonnie, for this refresher course on JOYful Living 101"

~ Gina Fragomeno,
Clarins Representative

"Bonnie demonstrates a unique understanding of people as she once again stimulates and challenges us to self-examination. Her newest ‘Top Ten JOY Journal’ offers real life answers and encouragement for JOYful living each and every day."

~ Sue and Mike Hanley

"Bonnie Simonato’s The NEW TOP Ten JOY Journal will delight ‘Life Travelers’ with more insightful quotes, fun to-do lists and poignant anecdotes. Bonnie strives to help us to discover our own inner best and bring it to light. Her indomitable spirit and keen ability to see the positives in what life has to offer have inspired family, friends and acquaintances around her. May we all be so blessed to seek the JOY in life every day!"

~ Denise Redmond
Shiatsupractor, Aboriginal Healer

"Without occasionally taking stock, the daily grind wears all of us down. It’s Bonnie Simonato’s NEW Top Ten JOY Journal to the rescue to shine a light on what is most important to making each day a JOYful one."

~ Stan Kozak
Learning Specialist, Curriculum ADVISORS

"Bonnie reminds the reader of the light at the end of the tunnel and under the bushel. She shines a light, even in dark times and reminds us all to shine on our own. Her dedication to children is genuine & heartfelt. She gathers seeds of wisdom and JOY & plants them in her books for all of us to share."

~ Donna McCaw
Teacher, Author

"I can hear Bonnie talk or read the same pages of one of her books over and over again and the message is always new, soothing and inspiring. It opens the door for our inner voices to emerge and to accept the challenges of life as an opportunity to learn and to grow."

~ Carmela Nini
Member of Board of Directors, International Languages Educators’ Association

"Like a beautiful tapestry, Bonnie has woven a collection of awe-inspiring quotes and mini stories with profound wisdom interlaced throughout, that will illuminate our path and assist us to achieve a truly JOYful life. I would recommend The New Top Ten JOY Journal for anyone seeking to experience more JOY. A must to keep daily within arm’s reach."

~ Nancy O’Rourke,
Poet and Writer

"Bonnie Simonato definitely walks her talk! She is a woman of faith and compassion, determination and perseverance, of JOY and optimism. The JOYS in one’s life evolve from the influence of the people who surround them. We continue to be surrounded and blessed with love, laughter and wisdom in Bonnie Simonato’s presence."

~ John and Marilyn Roszell

"I am working toward a time when everything gives me JOY. Invite JOY, anticipate JOY, plan for JOY, delight in JOY.   Try to find JOY whatever the situation."

~ Maya Angelou

Bonnie Simonato's 2nd Book


An eloquent companion to Bonnie's first book "The Top Ten JOY JOURNAL"

Bonnie has compiled another Treasure Chest of inspiring quotes, personal anecdotes and timeless truths
she has gained as a woman, wife, mother and educator. For two years she has been teaching this same
material in her motivational seminars about the need for more JOY in our daily lives.

Come on aboard and identify the anchors that weigh you down day after day, Master Bonnie's Navigational
Tools and get back into your boat and row...row...row g-e-n-t-l-y down the stream of life.

Bonnie is the most upbeat person I know. Her positive attitude is purely infectious

"Her JOYful perspective on life is an inspiration to all who genuinely know her. Her book "Charting A Course for JOYful Living" is an empowering manual for your journey of self-discovery. Her simple, yet powerful navigational tools will assist us all to become more loving and effective spouses, friends, parents, managers, and leaders."

~ Bill Hammond
Hammond Power Solutions Inc.

"Charting a Course for JOYful Living is a book of hope...a handbook for living life to the fullest
while seeking true inner peace. Bonnie clearly and deftly demonstrates that the JOY from within
her is not accidental. It is the result of choices, strategies and personal empowerment."

~ Lauren Henry
H.L.O. Health Services Inc.

"I will enJOY reading and sharing your words of wisdom and happiness to others. I do hope you will
Sow The Seeds Of Love as you continue to spread JOY throughout Canada"

~ Bhichai Rattakul
President, Rotary International, 2002-2003

Bonnie Simonato's First Book




Quotes and Testimonials from the Top Ten JOY JOURNAL

“For more than thirty years Bonnie has brought JOY to the students assigned to her classroom year after year. She has coined a new field of study called: JOYOLOGY. Laugh...reflect...catch the JOY and learn some new insights about yourself as you use this unique creative journal.”

Sylvia Long,
Educator, Nurse, Aesthetician

“From deep in her heart Bonnie lets her JOYful light shine. This book will give you not only a way to find your light, but also, the courage to let it shine. So, sit back, enJOY and be prepared to be illuminated."

~ J. Bruce Walton B.Sc., DC.

“On the first day of school Mrs. Simonato taught us the power of using a ‘Magic Brush’ to wipe away any of our problems. She taught us not to dwell on any problem but, rather, to use this ‘Magic Brush’ so we could move forward and truly enJOY life as she did. Mrs. Simonato’s
TOP TEN JOY JOURNAL is that ‘Magic Brush’.”

~ Drew Henry, High School Student

“As an avid journal writer and personal growth facilitator, I heartily recommend Bonnie Simonato’s new TOP TEN JOY JOURNAL. This JOYful book is equally appropriate for both the beginner and seasoned journaller making it a wonderful gift for yourself or others. Put this book on your list of TOP TEN .”

~ Gloria Nye, B.A.,NLP.,
Co author of DreamQuest Cards and the DreamQuest Dream Dictionary clinic facilitator of growth groups for over twenty years.

“It is a gift to be in the light of Bonnie’s JOY. I feel that you, too, can experience more JOY on your journey using this powerful new JOY journal. Go and spread your JOY as Bonnie does.”

Marilyn Kowalski, Chiropractor,
Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor - Certified by Dr Deepak Chopra

 Her Latest Book - “The NEW Top Ten JOY JOURNAL” and or
Her Second Book - “CHARTING A Course For JOYful Living”.


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