Gift Of Life

Eight years ago, Bonnie Simonato’s busy life as a wife, mother, educator, and volunteer came to an abrupt stop. Bonnie fell on an icy playground while out on yard duty at her school where she was the Teacher-Librarian.

Her first surgery in Guelph, Ontario was unsuccessful. She insisted on a 2nd opinion and after seeing another four other orthopedic surgeons, Bonnie received a rare bone transplant at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to correct her injuries.

Following the bone transplant, Bonnie was confined to a hospital bed on the second floor of her home for more than 30 months believing that her body would NOT reject her young donor’s fresh bone and that she would walk again. In addition, it took Bonnie eight months of physiotherapy and water therapy to regain her mobility. Her dream to walk again came true!

Bonnie will be grateful forever to that young anonymous woman who signed her Donor Card to permit this rare bone transplant to proceed. Her family chose to honour their daughter’s wish to be an organ donor. Bonnie is also grateful to her donor's next of kin for this extra-ordinary gift!

See the link below for more information about organ donation.

The Trillium Gift of Life Foundation

Please consider becoming an organ donor.
It’s crucial that you speak to your family
about your wish to become an organ donor.


Bonnie E. Simonato


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