JOYology Thoughts

  • JOYology is a new revolutionary field of study of extremely healthy, happy, grateful and optimistic individuals who have learned to celebrate life in all the circumstances of daily living. It is a new paradigm shift in thinking about the world.
    It is choosing a different way of thinking, speaking and behaving.
    It is a willingness to access JOY especially in the face of adversity.

    To feel JOYful, one must first T-H-I-N-K JOYful thoughts and then A-C-T the way one wishes to feel.

    JOY comes from within when we live in harmony
    with ourselves and
    the rest of the human race.

    A JOYful person is one
    who has stopped looking for the world's approval.

 JOY is:

DaisyButton  being at peace with yourself and your world
DaisyButton feeling connected to the universe
DaisyButton  giving up the "herd" mentality and walking to your own drumbeat
DaisyButton  being an artist who splashes JOY on everyone who crosses your path
DaisyButton  seeing the gift or blessing in every negative experience
DaisyButton  rowing the boat more gently down the stream of life
DaisyButton  loving others unconditionally
DaisyButton  living in the precious present with no regrets
DaisyButton  finding ways to serve others
DaisyButton  taking yourself less seriously
DaisyButton  honoring each person's opinions and feelings


When we learn to bless and affirm others,
our own cup will surely
runneth over with

There is no prescription pill to achieve JOY.
JOYful people lead healthier lives.
They possess an inner wisdom and
an awesome appreciation of all life's experiences.

You can radiate more JOY as you
authentically share your gifts and talents with others.

The more faithfully you listen to the voice within,
the better you will be able to hear the
sounding outside.

A JOYful person is one
who enjoys the scenery even on a detour.

The roots of JOY
grow deepest in the soil of service.


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